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Expunction of a Juvenile Record

expungeA minor who is always in trouble is usually referred to as a juvenile delinquent, but that is not really an accurate term unless they have at least been arrested for a crime. However, a minor does get a juvenile record if he or she merely gets arrested from a crime, even if there is no conviction. The worse thing about this is that in most states in the US, these records are made available to the public, and this can be a really bad thing for a young person just starting out. If anybody needs a break, it’s a juvenile offender, especially if the offenses are nonviolent.

Young people are known to be impulsive, and not very bright about the things they get into, so they get into trouble. But that does not mean that they don’t deserve a second chance, and petitioning for an expunction of juvenile criminal records may be the way to give them that. There is a common misconception that crimes that people commit before they are adults are automatically sealed; the truth is, sealing of juvenile records is not automatic in most states; the offender must meet eligibility and petition for expunction.

The law varies from state to state, but generally, the offender must be an adult in that state (usually 18 years old) and a certain number of years has passed (3 to 5 years) after the commission of the offense or the end of juvenile court proceedings. And like adult offenders, there are crimes committed by a juvenile that may never be eligible for expunction. These include murder in the first degree, sexual offenses that would be considered a felony if committed by an adult, and lesser felonies or serious misdemeanors if there is also a criminal record as an adult.

There is a lot of leeway given to juvenile offenders, but the criminal record is still there. If you want to have your juvenile criminal record expunged, and your state requires you to petition for it, get help from an experienced expunction lawyer in Dallas, TX to make sure it gets done right. This is your future your are talking about; don’t delay.